1. You will have to have an annual from your school to check in your players for the grade their in. If you don't have this for Regional and National tournament players will not be eligible. Children that have failed or been held back there fourth grade year can't play that division 3/4 for 3 years (he or she) would have to play in 5/6. Our three divisions will be by grade 1/2, 3/4,5/6,7/8. With annual we can stop older kids from playing down.

2. Our three divisions will be broke down Division #1 will be 1A, 2A, small 3A , Division #2 will be large 3A and 4A, Division 3 will be 5A and 6A School divisions, the players must play from within there schools district lines. Home school children can play with a school district they live in but must have picture ID and proof of what grade they are in. We also will have an open division for same grade levels.

3. Coaches , players and fans will act in sportsmanship manner or can be banned for all active games.

4. Qualification for players up to 8 (players) will be a full uninterrupted quarter. 

5. Division 5/6 and Division 7/8 will play regular UIL Rules with only 4 time outs per game.

6. Division  3/4 can play man to man, sagging man to man or zone defense. They can not press till (Fourth) quarter. If a team tries to press before fourth quarter automatic (Technical Foul) three Techs for violating this rule will result in (forfeit) of game. Free throw line will be two foot inside regular free throw line. This grade group will also play on 8'6" ft. goals exception if one team wants to shoot on 10 ft. they can and the other team shoots on 8'6" ft. 1/2 will play on 8'6" goals and must play man to man starting at 3 point line.

7. Cost to join Texas Youth Basketball will be total of $400.00 per school for any number of teams boys and girls. You must also have insurance on your players. I have insurance info if you want to check with me for a company that will insure your players. Any school can join our Texas Youth Basketball even if you have 1 or 20 teams cost is the same. You can play in your school leagues or if you don't have enough teams we will try to have a league where you can come play.

8. Uniforms each team must have matching jerseys with UIL rules on numbers. Numbers 6 thru 9 can not be used on Jerseys all numbers must be able to be held up by the official on one hand.

9. Mercy Rule which we use in all our events, If a team gets up by 20 points they can not press anymore. One warning then automatic Technical Foul. No exceptions!!

10. We teach fundamentals to all players to develop there skills as they move up in Divisions getting ready for playing for their schools.